Sunday, July 6, 2008

Navy Tailgate and Visitors Guide '08

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Anonymous said...

Maryland law leaves it up to the individual Counties in regards to what type of establishments can and cannot sell beeer, wine and liquor (you can find beer and wine in grocery stores and convenience stores in the Eastern Shore counties). The state totally leaves it up to the counties. There are plenty of convenience stores in the state that sell beer, it just depends on the licensing process in that perticular county.

Anonymous said...

That's correct. In Maryland, it's the individual county liquor boards who determine where liquor can be bought and sold, and on what days. There are some counties (Howard County for instance) that grant Sunday licenses to liquor stores. In other counties, there are plenty of convenience stores, pharmacies, mini-marts, and gas stations which sell beer and wine, it just depends on which county they'e in. Annapolis is located in Anne Arundel County, and I can't say for 100% fact, but I'm sure there are convenience stores (i.e. mini-marts) that have a license to sell beer and wine in that county. Of course, the establishment does need to have a license, and not all of these types of establishments are licensed. That said, there are plenty of liquor stores in and around Annapolis.